How to Make a Thick and Creamy Smoothie


I get questions all the time about how we get our shakes to be so thick and creamy! When I first started making green smoothies I basically had to choke them down because the texture was gritty and the flavor was off. Now after drinking a green smoothie almost every morning for about five years, I’ve got the consistency thing down. 😉

My first tip is NO ICE. Instead I use frozen fruit to make it thick, cold and super creamy. Fresh fruit just doesn’t give it the same smoothness. So if you prefer to buy fresh fruit; freeze it. 😉 

Bananas are the best to use for the perfect milkshake texture. My second favorite is frozen mango. But if I want to keep my shake super low in sugar, I use avocado. You can also steam and freeze cauliflower or zucchini!

Best habit to get into is to peel a bunch of bananas, break them in half, throw them in a ziplock baggie and freeze them. I usually use only 1/2 banana in my morning shake and it does the trick.

I will also point out that your blender will make a difference. I know because I used to have a not so great one, and when I put in too many greens in I was chewing on leaves through my straw. Now I have the Vitamix and I feel like it could blend nails. It’s a splurge, but my smoothie is a creamy dream. 🙂

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